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Porsche calendar 2014

Porsche calendar 2014
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Fascination in all its facets.
When the name Porsche is mentioned, each person has an individual picture in his or her mind’s eye. The iconic 911 silhouette. Performance that is just waiting to be enjoyed metre for metre, second for second. Or else the future promise of curves and straights yet to be experienced. The history of the sports car suddenly becomes real. Every detail has a story to tell. Tradition and innovation blended magnificently. Aesthetics meet dynamics. Vision becomes reality.
The 2014 calendar shows the wealth of design features that are signature to Porsche, with a special approach. ‘Art in Motion’ – an artistic collage takes you through the year, made up of design
sketches, long shots, close ups, and loads of pure dynamism. At the end, just as with a Porsche itself, you will see that the whole is more than the sum of the parts: simply a work of art.

Masterpiece in every detail. Comes with an exclusive collector’s coin. Dimensions: 59 x 55.5 cm.

Article no.  WAP 092 001 0E

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